Risk Advisory Services

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Identify and build your organisation’s ability to respond to the challenges that lay ahead.

Every challenge and every opportunity that organisations face carry an element of risk. Sometimes those risks are known and can be planned for. And sometimes they can’t.

We can work with your business to integrate risk, security, crisis and business continuity planning to better plan, predict and understand your future.

Physical, Personnel and Protective Security

Security encompasses a number of elements, from identifying threats to providing advice on physical, personnel and protective elements. Our team are experts at identifying the potential risks to your business and putting in place measures to protect against and mitigate loss.

We will work with you to develop frameworks, policies, plans, and processes, identify appropriate protective service providers, provide security awareness training, and offer pre-travel and deployment security training.


Workplace Health and Safety

Good workplace health and safety management not only helps to reduce the number of employee safety incidents, it can also mean significant savings from workcover payments, lost days due to sickness and injury, as well as greater employee satisfaction.

Our consultants can develop policies, procedures and training manuals to ensure your workplace is compliant, whether an individual location or multi-site.

Risk Management Services

Organisations that acknowledge risk are better placed to make informed decisions and embrace opportunities. Our risk management services help organisations develop a framework and put in place procedures to identify, manage and respond to risk.

We can conduct risk assessments, audits and reviews to ensure your organisation has appropriately considered your risk in the areas of security, safety, and business continuity.


Business Continuity Planning

Even the most robust security strategy can’t prevent all potential risks to a business. Planning on what to do in the event of disruption to your business can help to reduce loss and have your business return to operation sooner.

Our business continuity planning services help to develop policies, plans, processes and procedures to guide executives and employees on what to do in case of a major event. Our team can audit and review existing business continuity plans, as well as provide training, exercises and scenario testing to assess your business’s capability.


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