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Take advantage of market opportunities while advancing the welfare of the Indigenous community.

Many organisations now recognise the benefits and opportunities that come from embracing Indigenous people and business.

We support businesses that wish to take advantage of Indigenous procurement policies, improve cultural understanding and work towards mutual respect and deeper understanding of Indigenous people and communities.

Indigenous Procurement Policy

The Australian government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) sets out specific procurement requirements for large organisations to meet when awarding specific contracts.

The policy is designed to increase Indigenous business opportunities by providing targets for contracts awarded to majority-owned Indigenous businesses.

Organisations subject to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules need to be aware of their obligations and consider them as part of larger project procurement. Even organisations not subject to these requirements can adopt the policy as a best practice.

Dreamtime consultants can work with your organisation to meet the requirements of the IPP, identify opportunities, and engage Indigenous businesses.

Reconciliation Action Plans

Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) enable organisations to work towards tangible outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Each stage of the Reconciliation Action Plan implementation is about developing relationships and creating meaningful opportunities.

A RAP is a strategic document that should support and elevate your broader business plan. It includes practical steps to drive an organisation’s contribution to reconciliation both within and across the community.

Indigenous Cultural Awareness Programs

Our cultural awareness programs give participants an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and create a positive workplace culture.

We can tailor a program to support your organisation’s specific requirements, from providing an in-house introduction to Indigenous culture to support better communication and tailored excursions to learn more about historical and contemporary Aboriginal Australia.

Indigenous Participation Plans

Indigenous Participation Plans are designed to facilitate increased opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including employment, business and leadership opportunities.

An Indigenous Participation Plan puts in place measurable targets and specific steps to achieve them. Outcomes include strengthened relationships with Indigenous communities along with increased opportunities for employment and participation.


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