About Dreamtime Indigenous Services

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We’re a Canberra-based management consulting firm that works with Australian businesses to deliver tailored consulting and project management services.

But what we really do is partner with organisations that want to explore diversified thinking and a new approach to solving their biggest challenges while promoting Indigenous culture and business.

With decades of leadership experience in the public and private sectors across a breadth of industries – including aviation, defence, and security – we foster a hands-on approach that enables us to truly get to know the challenges and opportunities your organisation faces.

Our consultants have a proven ability to meet deadlines, effectively manage operational budgets and lead large, complex projects.

We are proudly registered with Supply Nation as a majority owned Indigenous business.

Meaning behind the logo

Indigenous Services logo

The Dreamtime logo is an important part of who we are and where we are going.

The symbols on the outside of the logo represent people sitting in a yarning circle, which in Aboriginal culture is a place reserved for honest communication and the sharing of ideas. The yellow dots within the spiral represent growth and expansion; the way thoughts and solutions mature as they make their way from inception to completion.